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The Barista-line of Hauck-Tamper is characterized by a perfect processing, high-quality materials and an excellent price- performance ratio.
The refined mix of material provides a special elegance, a well-balanced centre and a comfortable haptics. Therefore, it is suitable for any user.
“my fit design” is meaning, that the Tamper can be adjusted and set comfortably and individually by removing or adding individual distance rings according to the needs of the user.
The base is made of high-quality stainless steel, the wooden handle is comfortable and the transition is combined with skin-friendly and soft silicone, thus one enjoys a pleasant pressure point and a precise guidance while tamping.
A great deal of attention was paid to the price- performance ratio.
Thus, all B-Line Tampers by Hauck are the perfect tools for all Baristi whether at home, in gastronomy or at competitions.

Hauck Tamper Barista Line Vega Nut - 58 mm

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